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Do you own a dropshipping or an online store? If you want to create high-quality product images easily, use PhotoRoom now. Erase backgrounds and edit them now!

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 UpdatedJun 23, 2022
 Compatible withAndroid 8.0+
 Last version3.6.1
 Size22.81 Mb
 MODPro unlocked
 DeveloperArtizans of Photo Video Background Editor App
 Google Play

PhotoRoom MOD APK 2022

 is a brilliant Android app that clears an image’s background and offers a premium variety of presets to inscribe on that picture. This modified version of the PhotoRoom app comes with Pro Unlocked features. You don’t have to purchase any subscription in order to use Premium features.

Someone once asked me the procedure of creating brand images, and I subtly replied to change the background of that picture, either a person or a product, and use classic patterns. That’s the only way you can create professional edits.

The only struggle is within finding the classic or professional backgrounds and software to clear the background sharply. Gone are the days of using complex Photoshop tools, as now you can try PhotoRoom MOD APK!

If you’re going to become a big brand and provide all your products with the best backgrounds and sharp pic-cuts, you can believe PhotoRoom in the first instance.

It’s one of the new-gen Android apps developed to delete the photo backgrounds and modify them as per your desire. It includes thousands of templates to create astonishing designs.

Besides being a brand or small business, you can also use this app as a Reseller, Creator, Designer, E-Commerce, or just for having fun, like creating your friends’ and siblings’ pictures to post on Social Media platforms.

Wherever you want a pic without its factual background and solid colors or the best designs, you can remember PhotoRoom MOD.

What is PhotoRoom APK?

We’ve seen technology from the old days till today. We grew up using the Adobe Photoshop software for removing the background of images using those background erasing tools. But right now, the struggle can be deceased using the enhanced advancements we got today with Android apps like PhotoRoom.

PhotoRoom is a world-class photography app developed by the Artizans of the Photo Video Background Editor App. More than 1000 photography apps are published there on the Google Play Store, but the rarest thing here is its only advanced privilege, Background Removing. Being a unique platform, PhotoRoom is only known for modifying image backgrounds.

It contains both, Official and the Beta version. But sadly, the premium subscription of PhotoRoom is costly af! You have to pay either 789.00 INR monthly charges or 1499.00 INR annual charges to this app.

And in my opinion, the app is worthless without its premium subscription plan, as almost all the advantageous features lie on premium space. But don’t worry, as you’d have the MOD version included with a free premium plan.

What is PhotoRoom MOD APK?

Official apps are only the liabilities for today’s techies, and they know the power of technology. They know how to download free modified versions of these apps and enjoy free in-app purchases at the same interface.

Thereon, we’ve got here the altered version of PhotoRoom, PhotoRoom MOD APK for you. This one will grab your attention by including the free premium features.

Yeah, that was just the first feature of the MOD version, the premium features, but except that, you’re going to see a hell number of privileges on its interface.

All the stuff that you were barely supposed to enjoy with the official PhotoRoom APK will become damn convenient for you while using its free modified version PhotoRoom MOD APK.

After having this many privileges, how can someone refuse to take access to this futuristic modification? We’ve developed it for everyone, every single designer wandering to get the ad-free PhotoRoom interface and the free access to those Pro presets.

If you’re the one dreaming of this app, take it ASAP by hitting the link listed below:


No modified Android app is lazy. They are futuristic and include the in-app purchases that a guy can inversely enjoy after paying some recurring bucks to the developers.

You can be the first one to enjoy all its included premium features, but before that, take a look at all the privileges you’re about to enjoy:

Watermark Remover

It starts with the most professional thing, which sounds negotiable, but mark the link with respect; Watermark. Every professional designer can’t give any credit to software called PhotoRoom after employing his struggle in that design.

But the official app version sticks the PhotoRoom watermark to every creation, and later the only option you’d have is to crop that picture. Why crop the design when you’re getting a free Watermark Remover add-on with PhotoRoom MOD APK; Hit the download button ASAP!

FHD Exporting

Even if you’re a brand or an individual seeking the best presets of PhotoRoom, your last decision would always be to post that picture on your social media page. And no one can fool you with quality there.

That’s why we’ve developed this app with the FHD exporting capability. In simple words, you will export all your creations in Full-HD format after installing PhotoRoom MOD APK.

Employ Creative Presets

Presets are the advanced templates available inside the PhotoRoom app interface. You can use these templates to make your task easier, as it contracts with those creative backgrounds you’d love to inscribe to your picture.

If you want to make an ultimate number of designs on a single picture, you must need this advancement in PhotoRoom MOD APK, and voila……! You got that inside this modification.

Resize Specifically

There are more than 10 rivals of PhotoRoom globally, where Canva plays a major role. But sadly, Canva doesn’t offer you the resizing feature freely. The same thing is here with the official PhotoRoom and is about to be variegated with the MOD version.

PhotoRoom MOD APK is a brilliant app that provides you with over 30 kinds of resizing formats and a custom size option. You can resize your design either in a Snap size, Insta Story size, Insta Post size, or any custom dimension.

Ad-Free Designing

Using PhotoRoom software and designing the background removing projects wouldn’t be that complex, even if you’re a beginner or a proficient. The only thing that makes everything complex is online advertisements.

None of us can bear online ads while doing creative work such as removing backgrounds and choosing quality presets. Keeping that in mind, PhotoRoom MOD APK includes a complete ad-free interface to rock your Instagram!


Finally, we’re ending this with a devious smile, revealing the most convenient privilege of PhotoRoom MOD APK; INSTALLATION.

You can install this app to any Android device working above Android 5.0, either if it contains root access or not. Subsequently, we marked it as a convenient app that won’t need you to tweak your phone.

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